Scrabble Trainer

Have fun improving your Scrabble vocabulary. Uses official Scrabble words.
If you find a bug, I'd really appreciate it if you could contact me to let me know.

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About this game

This game uses the Official Scrabble Words dictionary. Please be aware this includes words you may find offensive.

How To Play:

1. Choose a word length.
2. Choose to use the timer or not.
3. Press the Start button
Twelve words will be mixed up and laid out in the large rectangle. Type the correct spellings into the box below.
4. Click/press on a word to reshuffle it.

Colour code:

Each word will have one or more possible answers, indicated by it's colour.
Green: all combinations found
Blue: one word to find
Red: two words to find
Purple: three words to find
Orange: four words to find
Brown: five words to find
Black: six or more words to find


The longer the word, the more points you get.
Using the timer puts 5 minutes (300 seconds) on the clock. A time bonus is given according to how quickly you finish.
Your high score is saved as a cookie on your device.

You have unscrambled all the words.